who we are

Spectrum Design Group is a full-service interior design firm dedicated to the meticulous creation of unique and exclusive interior designs of the highest quality. We recognize the unique needs of each client and focus on creating beautiful spaces that meet both project requirements and budget. Our experience and expertise apply to all types of projects, small or large. Every aspect of the design process is handled in-house and often entails exterior element development, landscaping as well as complete turn-key services. 

To achieve a truly noteworthy interior, we employ our capacity and talent in many different styles from traditional to contemporary. Over the past 40 years, our firm has handled many projects and is certain to translate it's diverse experience and cutting edge creativity to ensure a satisfied client at the end of each project. 

Our process

Spectrum Design Group's creative process begins by listening to our clients and then contemplating how design can make their projects successful. Our process is not formed by any one style or predetermined formula, but rather strives to create interiors that are inventive and timeless. Our team of qualified designers addresses the space planning, architectural & interior design elements, lighting, furnishings, fabric, finishes, and artwork needs of each client. We guide our clients through the design process with flexibility, helping them to formulate interiors that reflect their corporate culture or personal style. 

Our Clients